Minggu, 10 April 2011

Sure, That You Are...

oowh... is that really for me, isn't that?! Syifa is inspiring woman, right? ihihiii.... you can judge that i was "kepedean" -usually you called a phrase like that- but i don't care...
i just wanna say big thanks to my brother, 'Kak Adisaputra Nazhar' who helped me for everytime.. helped me found my obsession, helped me to write and write, helped me looking for an inspiration, also helped me to everything.
and i hope... i can make you proud to me.
do you know that now i'm smilling on my bed.. maybe i just feel nervous.. waiting for Wednesday.
and i hope... the winner is ME!!! the cup or everything that must be mine.. i think if tomorrow i can get it, that's my first experience. hmmm.....
wish me luck... ^^
~~it's about inspiring woman short story~~

by. sii Famysa lagi aneh

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hatur nuhun kana kasumpingannana :) mangga bilih aya kalepatan atanapi aya nu bade dicarioskeun sok di dieu tempatna..

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