Selasa, 18 September 2012

Hayano Handmade Sponsored Giveaway

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before i launch the winner of my previous giveaway collaboration with dainty handmade
i wanna share one good news again
whether it? a GIVEAWAY again... yayy

now its the time a new giveaway sponsored by onya handmade :)
first, let's get acquainted with Onya
Sonya Thaniya or simply call her onya, she is very young because she still in junior high school. at her young age she had the courage to start her handmade brand, cool onya :))

Onya started to make this handmade brand inspired by all the senior in craft world . in the beginning she makes some flanel stuff but now she more foccus on plushie and pouch :).Someday onya want to have a little shop that sells handmade stuff
amiin onya :))

to win this giveaway
The following are its provisions:
1. follow hayano handmade & onya handmade's blog
2. like our fans page : hayano handmade & onya handmade
3. follow our twitter : @hayanohandmade & @onyahandmade
4. put the giveaway button on your sider bar / repost this giveaway :)
this giveaway held until 29th of september and on 30th sept i'll announce 1 lucky winner who able to get this 'cute matryoshka' 

good luck for you all :)

and for more inquiries, order please contact 08989798014 26D68E8C @retnoandriani @hayanohandmade

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hatur nuhun kana kasumpingannana :) mangga bilih aya kalepatan atanapi aya nu bade dicarioskeun sok di dieu tempatna..

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